Thanks to the all-new GRACE game engine, Two Worlds II is designed to allow players with powerful PC users to experience the world of Antaloor in all its glory, but remains accessible too for more mainstream computer systems. Any computer equipped with a 3D capable graphics card, shader 3.0 capabilities, and 512MB of RAM will be fully capable of... »
Pictures say more than a thousand words and when these are moving images this strengthens the effect additionally. This simple wisdom is of course not unknown to Reality Pump this is why the development team have put together a 1:14 minute long spectacular Trailer with many In-game video clips. And since we’ve already heard of the Entrance... »
All people out there using Firefox can look forward to getting a new extra which will create a much more convenient waiting time for "Two Worlds II" in an optical sense. The so called Personas, individually designed backgrounds for your browser, are as from now available with "Two Worlds II" motives. Currently you will be able to have DarPha or... »
All our “Two Worlds II” friends and fans for whom the 2 weeks between Antaloor Posts is too long can now relax! Daily news and info is on the way, because we've set up a brand-new account for "Two Worlds II" on Twitter! And you’ll also find lots of info on our new Facebook site! Twitter and Facebook have all the news about ALL our TopWare... »
Reality Pump's creative department has put together its best designs from the coming RPG hit “Two Worlds II” - and immortalized them in stunning wallpaper! Today we have Rogdor and Dar Pha for you, an Orc warrior and an attractive female assassin. These two charismatic fighters will transform your PC screen into a real eye-catcher - and we'll... »
Despite the massive landscape which spans over 60 square kilometres of rolling grasslands, murky swamps, and sprawling cities, images of the upcoming RPG epic Two Worlds II have only to date only scratched the surface of beautiful world of Antaloor…literally. Deep underground there lie cavernous mines rich with precious Veritas crystals, the... »

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