The objective of the game is to defend Emperor Gandohar from the incoming waves of Orc hordes. If the Emperor survives the attacks, you win. If he dies, you lose.

You can scroll through your battleground back and forth simply by dragging left or right. On top of the screen, you will find some useful information about the current match: the current wave, the amount of enemies left, the amount of gold you have, and your total score.

The score is calculated based on the value of your defenders and the gold that you have. You receive bonus coins for surviving each attack, saving gold and keeping your units alive. Additionally, if you keep your savings high throughout the match, more Orcs will keep arriving to attack.
On the right there are three buttons used to control time: Pause, Play and Fast Forward (2x Play). Note that you can spawn and manage your units even after pausing. On the Mac/PC you can also use keyboard shortcuts (1-6) for spawning, managing and attacking directly, space bar for navigating through the time controls plus shift+RMB to zoom.


Spawning defenders

To succeed, you need to spawn defenders in given positions. To spawn them, simply click on a free spawnpoint and choose the unit. There are two types of spawnpoints: normal (blue) and boosted (orange). Boosted spawnpoints give the unit +50% strength and HP bonus.

There are six types of defenders in the game: Swordsmen, Archers, Necromancers, Priests, Heavy Warriors and Fire Mages. Each unit has different skills – e.g. Priests will heal nearby defenders, while Necromancers will slow down the enemies and their movement.

Not all of them will be available at the beginning of a game. If a unit is not available, the icon will not be displayed in the spawn menu.

Keep in mind that spawning and managing defenders will require some amount of gold. The amount is displayed under the icon. If you do not have enough gold to spawn a unit, the icon will be red and transparent until you have enough funds.

You earn gold by killing Orcs and surviving their attacks – and the tougher an Orc is, the more gold his death will be worth.

Managing units
Just spawning defenders is not enough to win. You will need to manage each unit strategically: to do that, select your defender and choose one of the available options: healing, teleporting, hiding, upgrading or selling.

If you choose to hide your defender, he will become invisible to enemies but will be unable to attack. The unit will remain inactive until you click the Unhide button.

When a defender’s health points run out, he will be knocked down for a while; after that, he will automatically recover. You can also resurrect a knocked out unit by clicking the Revive button on him. Note that a knocked out unit can still be sold or hidden.


Use direct attacks during the battle. They can be performed by selecting a specific enemy and can be used multiple times, but they will need a while to recharge after use. Those actions require no payment and will increase in strength after each upgrade given to Emperor Gandohar.

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